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Fitness professional

B.S. Exercise Science,

Georgia College & State University


Certified Exercise Physiologist,

American College of Sports Medicine


Certified Personal Trainer,

National Academy of Sports Medicine


Certified Exercise Nutrition Coach (Level 1),

Precision Nutrition

Certified FMS(Level 2)/FCS Administerer,

Functional Movement Screen


Certified Group Fitness Instructor,

Athletics & Fitness Associates of America

Continuing Education Training in:

Olympic Lifting


Interval Training

Battle Ropes


Body Composition Assessments

Intermittent Fasting

Seniors Fitness

Corrective Exercise

Self-Myofascial Release



Whitney Jordan

Online Macro Coaching | Group Training

Simply amazing! The macro coaching has changed my life. She checked in weekly, was so encouraging, adjusted things as needed, explained everything so well and not once doubted my abilities. Her workouts in the group training session are so incredible!! They are tough but not out of reach and she checks on everyone in the class and will adjust your workout for injuries and ability levels so that it works for you. She is always so excited to be there and is definitely an example of practicing what she preaches!

Megan Murray

Online Macro Coaching

Where do I begin?! Having Madison as my macro coach has made such a positive impact on my life. She has changed my outlook on health, fitness, food and my very own potential- all while also helping me reach my goals! Madison has been my macro coach since July 2018 and has taught me SO much in the amount of time we have worked together- and even more than a year later I’m still constantly learning from her! Most recently we have been working towards my “wedding body” and thanks to her I reached (and I’d say surpassed) my own goals and expectations for how I wanted to look and feel on my wedding day. Thanks to Madison I felt the most confident I’ve ever been in my own skin on my wedding day! She not only knows how to help you reach your goals, but also how to do it in a healthy and realistic way. Not to mention the weekly check-ins with her are so in-depth and detailed - she makes me feel like I’m her only client! She’s great at communication and listens to what my goals are and explains the steps we’ll take to reach them. She also takes into account so many other factors outside of just macros, such as sleep and water intake for example, which has made allll the difference for me and my body. When it comes to her coaching all you have to do is LISTEN and DO and you WILL reach your goals with Madison’s guidance. If you’ve been searching for a macro coach to get started on your journey to a healthier life or to reach some more specific goals, look no further! If you’re lucky enough to have the opportunity to sign up with Madison, DO IT. She’s incredibly knowledgeable, such a pleasure to work with and not to mention incredibly affordable for all that you will be getting when working with her! It really doesn’t get much better than Madison :)

Colby Mascaro

Group Training | Online Macro Coaching

You already know I love you as my friend, but I can’t thank you for all you’ve done/taught me as my trainer. I started this journey with you to just “lose the baby weight,” I do want to note you helped me lose 20 lbs when I thought I was only capable of losing 10 lbs (what?!) but the weight is just kind of a cool stat to tell people. I completely view health, my body, and my capabilities in a different light, for the FIRST time in 30 years I actually feel like I understand how my body works. You are so smart and patient, 2 very important qualities in a good trainer, I wouldn’t change a single step in our fitness adventure together. As you move onto your next fitness family just just keep doing what you’re doing! You’re actually helping women love themselves more and get healthy, what’s cooler then that?!

Kristina Meena

Group Training | Personal Training

No words can truly express how great my experience was with Madison. In her classes she always came up with outstanding workouts that made me feel accomplished. I was never worried about whether I was doing a move correctly because she not only fully explained each movement, but would make sure to approach you during class and let you know if something didn't look right. I have a few limitations and she was quick to find an alternative way to do certain movements and even in some cases showed me that if I corrected my form it wouldn't hurt. What do you know a 28 year old learned she was doing simple movements wrong her whole life and never knew it. I also had the great privilege to do personal training with her. That was by far my favorite experience. Not only was every session personally designed for me but I was able to pick her brain and gain even more knowledge about the movements, what they do to my body not only visually from the outside but the inside as well. Soon after starting my sessions with Madison I found out I was pregnant. I was worried that I wasn't going to get the same workouts. I was wrong. Not only were the workouts just as great they were better. I was doing workouts that we're not only getting me into shape but also preparing me for labor. I love that she is so informed and continues to stretch that knowledge. Everything I learned from Madison, especially during her personal training we're things I could continue to use and do even after we were done training together. Madison's not only a well rounded trainer she has a kind heart and you can tell she truly cares about every person she interacts with. I was definitely blessed to have her as my trainer.

Jessica Salter

Group Training

Madison is first of all, a pro. Just look at her and you know she knows her stuff. She's down to earth and kind and patient and she pays attention to what/how you're doing your exercise so she can help you have better form/better knowledge about using your body. She noticed my sway back condition which is something that has always affected me but before her no one ever took the time to help me and teach me how to get stronger in the way that wouldn't hurt me. She is passionate about the WHOLE person not just training or weights but body mind and spirit. She also has a passion for nutrition which is great because that plays such a huge role in results. Anyone who trains with Madison will not only get physically fit but they will gain knowledge about their body that they can carry with them throughout their lifetime. That's priceless.

Meagan Barnes

Group Training

Madison is an extremely dedicated and educated trainer. She takes time to discuss your goals and also plan out how to achieve your goals. Her workouts are created to push you and let me tell ya, when you complete her workouts, you will feel ACOMPLISHED! Madison has a heart to serve and she loves each and every customer. You can see her love of serving that with all her personal training interactions. She has not become my absolute FAVORITE trainer but also a dear friend. You won’t regret signing up with her!

Tiffany Cook

Group Training

I cannot say enough how wonderful Madison is! The passion she has for fitness and nutrition shines through with each and every class she trains! It is obvious that she is incredibly knowledgeable in her field. What stands out most to me is how she can coach/train her clients on proper form/mechanics while also motivating them and assuring them that they can achieve their goals, despite their level of expertise. Madison is a gal who genuinely cares about every individual and is one of the most radiant people I’ve ever met! She has a way of making everyone feel special. Thank you for everything you have taught me, Madison, and thank you for helping me reach my fitness goals! Because of you, I’m now a dedicated fitness lover!

Tiffany Hazewinkel

Group Training

Madison's energy in a group setting us contagious. It's easy to stay motivated in her classes! She's incredibly knowledgeable and has a way of informing and helping her clients that isn't condescending or demeaning. She has a passion for the industry and genuinely wants to help women with their fitness!

Connie McCraw

Group Training | Personal Training

I met Madison when I was going to a boot camp class style gym. She taught me correct form and how to protect my back. Since I am new to lifting weights this was invaluable information. I have done both class type training and individual personal training sessions with Madison. I cannot list all the skills she has taught me on this new lifting weights journey. I am going to miss her when she moves to Texas but I will continue to gain info from her with her online training. I have also learned a lot from her on macro tracking for foods. She is the best certified personal trainer!! 😊🏋️‍♂️