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Learn how to use macronutrients (protein, carbs, fat) to reach your health and fitness goals in a sustainable and enjoyable way! Get initial macronutrient recommendations calculated specifically for you based on a very detailed questionnaire. Participate in weekly check-ins for individualized coaching and macro adjustments that will ensure progress in every phase. Tracking macros not only changes your body, but changes your perspective of food! Learn what is in the food you eat, how to eat with flexibility in mind (never restriction), and how to make healthier eating an enjoyable long-term habit, all while moving towards your physique goals!


Additional coaching for general wellness such as:

- Sleep Recommendation (hours/night, sleep schedule, improving quality of sleep) depending on your rate of progress and overall energy level.

- Step Recommendation (increasing steps/day - daily activity) depending on your occupation & lifestyle.

- Water Recommendation (ounces/day) depending on your goals, digestion, overall energy level, and amount of activity..

- Supplement Guidance as needed. Supplements are not necessary, but they can be very beneficial. Learn what supplements are proven to be safe & effective additions to your health & fitness journey, and how to know if you're getting the best quality.

WORKOUt program

Learn how to program workouts that are effective, so you can build muscle, and get stronger, doing workouts that you enjoy. You will get a "Program Template" with your recommended resistance training program for your goals. This template will require some prior experience with weight lifting as it does not include demonstration videos, and requires some filling out on your part. You'll also get a cardio recommendation based on your fat loss goals and daily activity.


One-on-one coaching specifically for you and your needs, covering all topics mentioned above. You'll be coached on how to track macros, what each macro is used for, when to eat for different benefits, as well as making and breaking certain food habits. You'll learn how to create a fitness lifestyle that works for you, not only to reach your goals in the near future, but to maintain it & continue to make progress long-term. You'll complete weekly/bi-weekly check-ins to help you stay accountable and track your progress. This is hands down the best part of this opportunity, having someone to walk with you through the entire process, answer all your exercise and nutrition questions, and help you mold fitness & nutrition to your life, not the other way around!

$100 per month

No contract. Cancel anytime by unsubscribing.

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