Breakfast Feast

Updated: Mar 26, 2019

Two years ago I really wanted a waffle maker, but my husband was convinced I'd never use it.

One day we were walking through the clearance section of Kohl's and he saw a Ninja Turtle Waffle Maker on sale for $8.00. He said, "here's your waffle maker if you still want one."

Two years later, my waffles still have a ninja turtle face on one side, and this sewer lid imprint on the other.

This breakfast is 59g protein, 62g, carbs, and 16g fat! Talk about a feast!

For 2 waffles (as shown above):

-1 scoop of Titan Nutrition Protein of your choice (I used vanilla here)

-60g Gluten Free Pancake Mix (sub regular pancake mix if desired)

-1 Farm Fresh Local Egg - thanks to one of my sweet personal training clients

Mix all ingredients together with a whisk and add water to desired consistency

For Topping:

-24g Powdered Peanut Butter, add water to desired consistency

-14g Chocolate Chips

This recipe alone (without a side of scrambled egg whites) is 45g protein, 61g carbs, 16g fat.

If necessary, you can very easily reduce the fat macros: 7.5g of fat comes from the powdered PB, and 7g from the chocolate chips.