Gluten-Free Favorites

I found out about my gluten-sensitivity in August of 2016. Since then, for the most part, I don't regularly eat things that would contain gluten, so I'm not constantly on the hunt for a "product" to substitute it. But, when I do want something that generally has gluten, here are the things I buy instead!

These pretzels are even better than ones made with wheat! They are super crunchy, in the best way! Check them out here.

My go-to pasta is this Trader Joe's Organic Yellow Lentil & Brown Rice Spaghetti. It's the perfect texture and tastes great with any pasta dish!

I prefer basic corn tortillas over any specially made gluten-free tortillas. These Great Value White Corn Tortillas don't fall apart on me when warmed up on the stove, have good macros, and are super affordable.

This mix has everyone asking the recipe! When I tell people it's just a basic gluten-free mix, they are always amazed! We bake them with added instant espresso powder and dark chocolate chips!

Check it out here.

Did you know soy sauce has gluten in it? Well, now ya know! Even if I could eat gluten, I still prefer these Coconut Aminos that can be found almost everywhere now. They are lower in sodium, packed with amino acids (the building blocks of protein) and soy-free!

I've tried many, many gluten-free flours, and still come back to this one every time. Check it out here. The best part is, it's not super fancy, so it's available in most places that sell any kind of flour.

(I will also use coconut flour or almond flour depending on the purpose, but my use of any flour is few and far between.)

These crackers are a great way to satisfy the Cheez-It-craving all normal humans experience.

My husband snagged these cookies in a Whole Foods one time, and now we grab them anytime we see them somewhere! If he has the option of eating cookies with gluten, and still chooses to eat these with me, you know they are delicious!

If you have a need to eat gluten-free as well, I hope one of these substitutes helps you find ways to still enjoy the things that you love! If you find something that is a MUST-HAVE for your gluten-free diet, please share it with me!

In addition, I hope this also clears up any myth you might believe about a gluten-free diet being automatically "healthy," "clean," low-carb, grain-free, or any similar idea.

Even being gluten-free, carbs are the macro I consume the most of on a daily basis. Even being gluten-free, I indulge in things like cookies and brownies. Even being gluten-free, I eat pastas, pretzels, and tortillas. Eliminating a food or food group from your diet is not necessary, and most likely will not breed the results you are hoping for.

If you struggle with the idea of high-carb/low-carb/no-carb, reach out to me about macro coaching so I can help you leave those thoughts behind and find balance without restriction!