Macro Calculator or Macro Coach?

If you've seen the word "macros" trending lately, you may have googled it and come across loads of "macro calculators."

You may also have come across pages and pages of IIFYM-ers (If It Fits Your Macros) who make macro-tracking look like your fat-loss journey is full of cakes and donuts and cookies and ice cream... that's a blog post for another day. Back to the calculators.

Have you tried them? Have you plugged your information into a calculator, or maybe multiple calculators? I can guess good money you were surprised by the answer, and even got different answers on different calculators! Am I right? What's up with that!

To clue you in, macro calculating is simple math. The problem is, everyone likes to use a different formula. (You can google the different types if you're interested.) On top of that, they take your goals to drastic measures. If you want to lose fat, calculators automatically cut your carbs and total calories to a low or very-low number, which will ensure quickly dropping weight on the scale, but we all know how that will turn out in the long run.

You may choose two calculators that use the same or different formulas, then once you click on "lose fat" as an option, one calculator may chop everything by 15%, while another may chop everything by 30%. They'll give you totally different numbers, and not tell you why or how to use them. It's frustrating, and it's very hard to make yourself follow something you're not even sure is going to help you in the long run.

If you have tried and failed with a macro calculator, my promise is, you are not the only one! Still, my hope is, you will not give up on macros just yet.

Macro coaches far, far exceed the accuracy and results of a macro calculator! As a coach, not only can I promise you that I am using the best formula to calculate a basic macro count for you, I can promise you that I don't just shoot out numbers from an equation. Why is that good news? Because your body is not a robot, and no equation or formula alone can perfectly estimate what your body's macro needs are.

Any macro calculator you use, is giving you a good guess at best!

As a coach, I then take that good guess and apply all that I know about nutrition and everything I've learned about you through a questionnaire, to adjust your macros.

Where most calculators only consider your height, weight, age, sex, and amount of activity, I look at much more. I take into account your body fat percentage (if known), circumference measurement, amount of sleep, water intake, bowel movements, type of activity or exercise, job requirements, food allergies and preferences, body type, and much more.

Why is all of that important? Because again, you are not a robot, you are an individual, intricate, human!

The biggest advantage you have with a coach rather than a calculator, is the ability to monitor your progress and continually adjust as needed. Calculators don't make adjustments, they just make another guess based on the same five factors every time.

My goal as a coach is always to create a maintainable and enjoyable way of reaching your goals, to help you not only get to your best body, but keep it, and be healthier for it! Calculators just spit out numbers, and if your goal is fat loss, the numbers will most likely be unenjoyable and not maintainable for long.

What if you get a coach and they give you numbers that are really close to what a calculator gave you? Is a coach still better in that case? Yes! Take advantage of coaching in all aspects. Ask questions, share your progress, get accountable. I have multiple clients that understand macros very well, but they stick with coaching because there's so much value in having someone to help you stay accountable, that you can go to with questions, that can explain why you are doing what you're doing, and help you understand your own body better.

Listen, there are no "perfect macros." There are no macros, there is no diet, there is no one way of eating, that if applied to everyone on earth would ensure amazing results for all. We are all different; beautifully, wonderfully, different.

So lastly, as always, it's up to you. There is no right or wrong way to be healthy, as our bodies all have different needs. If you choose to use macro calculators, or get a coach, or do something different all together, you're not in the wrong!

Just know, whatever you choose, you are worth the try. If you're trying to lose unhealthy weight, if you're trying to gain healthy weight, if you're trying to maintain your healthy and comfortable spot, you are worth it! The body you're in is the only one you get in this life, and you have incredible purpose in it. God has a calling for your life that requires not just your spirit, but your body! Don't let another year continue to go by without trying, because you're worth it.