What's In My Gym Bag?

Updated: Apr 1, 2019

Here's a look into my gym bag!

All of the below are things that I always have on hand for my gym sessions, but are not necessary for a great workout!

I have acquired these things here and there over the past few years, and by no means think they are something you should go out and buy today, or have to have. I've had great workouts both with and without them.

Regarding certain things below, like lifting straps & wrist wraps, It's important to know proper form and technique without any "extras" before you start implementing them. While they can enhance your workouts if you use them well, they can also cause problems if you use them as a crutch and depend on them for a certain movement.

My all time favorite purchase for fitness related things! This bag is FULL of pockets. It's durable, and super cute. It's so versatile I re-purpose it as a carry-on bag to travel as well!

This band is heavy enough to really challenge you, but not so heavy that you can't get the job done. I love the material and thickness of a Sling Shot band because it won't slide around or roll up on you!

These are super affordable, and are padded to protect the top of your wrist from getting rubbed by the durable cotton straps. They're adjustable, super easy to put on and wrap, and come undone very easily when you let go.

While many traditional gyms have ankle attachments available, they are usually worn and torn heel cups, and not easily adjustable straps. I prefer these ankle straps over the typical heel cups. These are soft and padded with very strong velcro!

These wraps add the perfect amount of stability for heavy and/or repetitive overhead movements, they tighten and loosen easily and are still a tad bit flexible.

Loud & clear music, durable, and stay in place perfectly. If I don't silence my phone, incoming calls will pause the music to allow me to answer the call while still using the headphones. These have lasted two years of weight lifting, running, saunas, bootcamps, etc, and are still going strong!

I rarely go anywhere without a lacrosse ball. They are great to have on hand to release muscles, whether it's exercise soreness or just general tension.

Titan Nutrition products and good food fuel all my workouts! You'll find me sipping on these grape BCAAs during my workout. Yum!