Why You Need A Coach

Updated: Apr 1, 2019

There's no sugar coating this scenario (literally).

If you are struggling to change your weight and/or your body composition, and have been for years... you need a coach.

Ask yourself this question: "If I know what to do, and I really think I can do this on my own, why haven't I done it yet?"

Now ask yourself another question: "Where was I six months or a year ago, and what were my honest goals for myself then? Have I met those?" If you haven't met them, and you have the same goals now, you're probably going to be in the same spot another 6 months to a year from now.

I'm not trying to discourage you! I'm trying to encourage you to get out of your comfort zone, be honest about your struggles, and invest in yourself!

I'm not telling you that you absolutely can't do it on your own. But, I am telling you that if you're not already doing it on your own and it's been a goal of yours for years, you don't have to continue being frustrated and confused.

Or, maybe something did work for you, but now you've gained it all back? Newsflash, sister, that actually means it did not work for you! If it's not maintainable and enjoyable, you are wasting your precious time and energy doing something drastic that won't last.

I am telling you this because I love you, and because I want that change for you that you want! And, because I want you to do it in a way that you enjoy and can maintain for life. I love health and fitness so much, and it hurts my heart to hear what people think you have to do to "get in shape," and not only that, but also dread it and complain about it.

You don't have to keep living in that viscous cycle, dear friend!

If you don't know how to find a coach or trainer that's right for you, I have a blog post coming on that topic in just a couple weeks.